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Family's Favorite Foods

Family’s Favorite Foods is a family owned and operated business located in Atlanta, GA. Rapper, Quanstar. A well established entrepreneur with years of experience, he’s had a long held penchants for creating imaginative treats and desserts in the kitchen. 

With his three young sons, the concept for Family’s Favorite Foods was developed to feature a unique new frontier in the worlds of coffee and specialty pastries. They all have active roles in the company, acting as partners and shareholders as well as contributing to the planning and development of the business. The very name was coined by the youngest, who said that he wanted our creations to be “for families.” 

This is clear in the mission of Family’s Favorite Foods which is not only to provide amazing products, but also to nurture the spirit of family, unity, and creativity. Family’s Favorite Foods hopes to inspire other families to create, to love, and to work together.

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